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Well hello there people of the world wide web. We (Logan and Moriah) have officially decided that we want to share all of the lovely things we love (ha) in the form of a blog. We would also like to document how we make our friendship work with so much distance in between us. We can't promise high quality images all the time (Moriah is a big fan of her point and shoot), but we can promise a chuckle or smile every now and again. The truth is-and we don't mean to sound cocky-we think we are hilarious. We crack each other up to no end with our crazy vocabularies and nonstop puns. We both love fashion and know what is in style, but we don't usually wear what is in fashion, only occasionally. We have extensive thrifted and vintage wardrobes and quite like to dress like grandmas with a hint of Alexa Chung and Erin Wasson. We also love the outdoors. We love floating in ditches to pass the time, stargazing, riding Logan's tandem around the country area where we're from, plants, the ocean, canoeing, flat hikes, climbing trees, and hopping fences. Logan loves gold and Moriah loves silver. Yes, we're opposite in a lot of things. That's what makes us a good team, because we make up for each other's weaknesses. We also have an obsessions with skirts, new music, traveling, quotes, and Taylor Swift. Don't be surprised if we reference her lyrics. We are best friends with Logan's sister Paige, Moriah's sister Michaela, and our neighbor Jenna so you will be hearing about them. We hope you are as excited as we are to partake in this this addiction of friendship.

                        All About Us
Logan and Moriah. Moriah and Logan. Best friends, neighbors, soul sisters.
We grew up around the block from each other, but it wasn't until a few years ago that we became friends. We have tried several times to pinpoint when we became friends, but can never reach a conclusion. Moriah says at girl's camp, Logan says when Moriah lent her Natasha Bedingfeld's cd. Either way it was fate. When Moriah went off to college Logan started her senior year. That meant that we would be 933 miles away from each other. Maybe that would be rough for some friends, but not us. We embraced the challenge and became closer than ever.

                      About to publish our first blog post!


Hello net!! (like the internet) I'm Logan. Some call me pebbles, some call me tick tock, and some call me shining star. baha just kidding, that was a pure lie :) So in my life I have developed some likes, and here they are: GOLD, globes, maps, light blue, pizza (I have worked at a pizza shop for a couple years now), gardening, plants, laughing, my large closet that I made with my sister, pinterest, ceramics, photography, TOMS, chicken (not the kind you raise, because I was an egg salesman for several years, and I do not recommend it as a career path), cheetah print, traveling, chick flicks, lysol 4 in 1 cleaner (I enjoy disinfecting things), my friends, my family, grooveshark, high waisted skirts, hair wraps, dresses, summer, take 5's, sleeping in, softball, and eating. When I grow up I want to be a field biologist, i want to travel and serve in an orphanage, build schools, and teach English. I am obsessed with dreaming, and I strongly believe that maps encourage that. There are seven kids in my family, and my dream pet besides keeping my 3 pet gold fish forever is a weiner dog. Thank you for your time. Yours truly, Logan.


Yola friends, Moriah here. Ha Logan's paragraph above cracks me up. We crack each other up. The fam calls me Ri, but my pals have called me anything from Velvet Twinkie to Donna to Ravenous Wolf. True story. I'm a small town girl living the dream as a fashion student in California. Some of my many obsessions include: sweaters, flamingos, silver anything, Frank's Red Hot Sauce, trees, writing (you can probably tell we're long winded when it comes to typing), parentheses, rings, Chaco Tacos, classic books, books period, sunflowers, old jeeps, and carbs. If it was my choice I would spend all day reading and carb-o-loading. I love my family with all my heart. My mom says we put the "Fun" in dysfunctional. I am obsessed with checking the mail, and have been known to check it 5 times before it actually came. As Logan mentioned we love, love, love TOMS shoes. Our sisters and moms have pairs now and it brings us sheer joy. I hope to be able to work for a company who gives back someday. Thanks for taking the time to laugh with us. You are now our best friend. Carpe Diem, Moriah