Our Bucket Lists

Moriah's Bucket List
  • Travel to 25 countries
  • Walk 2 miles of the Great Wall
  • Walk around the Globe Theater
  • See a Broadway show on Broadway
  • Get my face in Time's Square
  • Build a telescope
  • Get inside a pyramid
  • Go to the White House
  • Go on a trip with Mom & sisters
  • Adopt an abused animal
  • Become an artist's muse
  • Write autobiography
  • Learn Dad's family history
  • Wear heels over 5 inches
  • Try different kinds of cheeses
  • See Itzac Pearlman in concert
  • Go to a real life opera
  • Go birdwatching sometime
  • See Mona Lisa in the Louvre
  • Try new fish
  • Celebrate a foreign holiday
  • Learn 2 other languages
  • Meet Sir Paul McCartney
  • Invent useless household object
  • Learn to oil paint
  • Teach a class
  • Retire in Oregon
  • Cure Alzheimer's
  • Make a pair of shoes
  • Leave random amounts of money on people's doorsteps
  • Take a summer off for humanitarian work
  • Eat dinner on a rooftop over  looking the city with someone I love
  • Donate an organ
  • Convert at least one person to the gospel
  • Give away 4 Book of Mormon's a year
  • Grow my own garden
  • Keep in touch with high school friends
  • Fill a box full of letters
  • Invent a new sandwich
  • Make a successful creme brulee
  • Buy a pig, flamingo, parrot, turtle, and white horse
  • Start a protest
  • Come up with a casserole
  • See a tornado from the distance
  • Learn another instrument
  • Make a new friend every month
  • Send a video to AFV
  • Go to 3 different Chinatowns
  • Meet Nicholas Sparks and see what kind of guy he really is
  • Go to Fuj's ( awesome junior high math teacher) funeral
  • Meet Jon Heder
  • Invent a new flavor of pudding
  • Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain
  • See church history sites
  • Go where the Declaration was signed
  • Give Taylor Swift a hug
  • Buy a car that runs on vegetable oil
  • Watch a live Olympic event
  • Learn how to cook a steak every way
  • Have at least 5 kids
  • Visit a supposed haunted house
  • Ride the world's tallest and fastest roller coasters
  • Send parent's to a Martina McBride concert
  • Have a house with a wrap-around porch
  • Get married of course, and have a rockin' reception
  • Find a job that I truly love
  • Never stop doing service for others
  • Eat Greek, Brazilian, German, French, and Hungarian food
  • Write a letter to a politician
  • Put different colored streaks in my hair
  • Thank an adult who has made an impact on my life
  • Take my kids to Disneyland
  • Never stop making sarcastic remarks during movies
  • Buy a cool sculpture for my house
  • Shake an apostle's hand
  • Go caving/spelunking
  • Milk a cow
  • In a restaurant become outrages if they don't use Idaho potatoes
  • Go to an auction
  • Ride a passenger train
  • Go river boarding
Logan's Bucket List

1-      Live in a foreign country for at least 6 months

2-      Live next door to one of my best friends

3-      Own a nice Canon or Nikon

4-      Climb a mountain

5-      Go bungee jumping

6-      Learn a different language

7-      Reach 50th anniversary with my husband

8-      Go on an African safari

9-      Go to Machu Pichu

10-   Ride on a passenger train

11-   Meet at least one prophet

12-   Have a song written about me

13-   Go to a famous art museum

14-   Go to the Sydney opera hall

15-   Become a well-known photographer

16-   Go into a famous cave and go spelunking

17-   Discover a new element :)

18-   Get a valentine from someone

19-   Watch the sunset and sunrise on a beach

20-   Take a long walk on the beach with a boyfriend or my husband

21-   Go deep sea fishing or crabbing

22-   Always be one of my nieces’ best friends

23-   Witness the birth of a niece or nephew

24-   Hold a baby right after it was born, not even washed yet

25-   Ride a tandem bike with my best friends

26-   Go on a road trip with my best friends

27-   Be someone’s hero/role model

28-   Have set seats by a window to read on

29-   Have a fireplace in my home

30-   Have a large collection of books in my home

31-   Put my own song on i-tunes :)

32-   Learn how to work a cash register

33-   See Yoyo Ma in concert

34-   Work at an orphanage

35-   Go to one of my favorite teachers’ funerals

36-   Eat real Italian food in Italy

37-   Ride a dolphin, or just swim with one

38-   Go real ice fishing

39-   Meet Channing Tatum or John Heder or Sandra Bullock

40-   Create and name my own paint or crayon color

41-   Be a taste tester for an ice cream company

42-   Go to a vineyard

43-   Go to Rome and visit the famous tourist attractions

44-   Go to Jerusalem

45-   Go inside a pyramid

46-   Go to the Sacred Grove

47-   Drive across the country

48-   Meet Taylor Swift  and go to a concert of hers with my friends who love her too

49-   Not force my kids to have chickens

50-   Own a birdbath that is always clean and has plenty of birds that come to it

51-   Swim in a pool full of goldfish

52-   Have a star named after me

53-   Make someone else’s dream come true

54-   Be in two places at once

55-   Witness a miracle

56-   Go to a professional game, or a BYU game

57-   Visit the gum wall in Seattle, and put my own gum on it

58-   Go surfing

59-   Go golfing

60-   Give money to someone who really needs it

61-   Spend a couple bucks at a slot machine

62-   Teach myself to write fluently with my left hand

63-   Stand on the four corners

64-   Own at least 3 pairs of TOMS

65-   Get a live lobster and cook it, and then eat it!!

66-   Take some pictures in one of those photo booths with the pictures that come in strips

67-   Watch some sea turtles hatch

68-   Carve me and my boyfriends or husbands initials into a tree

69-   Graduate from college

70-   Go bird watching

71 -  Learn how to weld 
72-   Cut down a Christmas tree, not just watch my Dad do it

73-   Get the inside of a pretzel out without breaking it

74-   Walk on a section of The Great Wall

75-   Go to The White House

76-   Adopt an animal from a shelter

77-   Go to an auction

78-   See the Mona Lisa and Starry Night

79-   Celebrate a foreign holiday (Possibly while in that country?!)

80-   Eat dinner on a rooftop over looking a city

81-   Convert someone to the greatest gospel on the Earth!

82-   See a real live tornado

83-   Send a video to AFV

84-   Go to a China town

85-   Go to a Little Italy

86-   Watch a live Olympic event

87-   Buy a real work of art for my house

88-   Go on a SAULL trip

89-   Go on a mission 

90-   Go skydiving

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