We Believe

Being passionate girls we believe in many different things.There are some things we would like to share with you and here they are:

  • We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and because of this belief we think, act, and dress the way we do. To learn more click here or ask us. We'd love to share.
  • We believe in dreaming. Dreaming big. We may not accomplish every little thing on our bucket lists, but we are going to try our hardest. Which bring us to our next point.....
  • We believe in writing down our goals (one such way is our buckets lists). If you don't write down the things you would like to accomplish then how do you expect to remember to do them? The trick is to write your goals down and put them somewhere you always see them. You will always have what you want to do on your mind.
  • We believe in the power of friendship. In high school we were lucky to have an amazing group of friends that we could be ourselves around and go on weekly adventures with. We'll tell you more about them later. We are friends with our sisters, each other's sisters, our moms, each other's moms, etc. That reminds us......
  • We believe in the family unit. We love, love, love our families and can't wait to have families of our own down the road. Sisters are the best. Plus, home is where your mom is.
  • We believe in dressing modestly. You really don't need to show off your body if you are confident with who you are. We don't look at this as a handicap, but think that it has made us more creative in order to adjust styles to work for us.
  • We believe in traveling. We both have traveled around the U.S. and we fall in love with every place we go. There is beauty in every place if you look hard enough. We hope to go to other continents someday and find beauty in the world.
  • We believe that one person can make a difference.
  • We believe in giving back. If everyone is fighting a hard battle, then why should we not help out? We both feel so blessed and were raised to help others. People have helped us and our families when we needed it. What goes around comes around.
  • We believe in dressing to please ourselves (and maybe each other ha) and no one else.
  • We believe in laughing, and we do it a lot. You should see our six packs.
  • We believe in trying to be a good example at all times, and in all things, and in all places. We are in no means perfect, but we are always trying to be better.
  • We believe in writing old-fashioned hand-written letters. Snail mail > Email. Always.
  • We believe in loving everyone despite how they treat us.
  • We believe in chocolate.
  •  We believe in each other. We both think that the other can accomplish anything we set our minds to.

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