Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music Monday

The tunes floating though our brains right now are:

Moriah's Pick:
"I'd Rather Dance With You" by Kings of Convenience
Makes me (Moriah) want to dance around. And yes, we both dance like the guy in the video.

Logan's Pick:

You have probably heard this song, but maybe have never seen this video. Lovin' the old school quality of this.

So I (Logan) have always liked to take pictures, so this year in school I am in a photography class all three trimesters and we have to do 12 photoshoots, so here are my first two. I hope you enjoy them.

So this is photoshoot #2 and Moriah modeled for me. We are always trying to come up with photo ideas and we came up with this one about being more than a label. Her face and neck are a lot of labels that people use to describe people, and on her forehead it says "I'm not just a label" and on her lower neck it says "I am me".

With this second shoot we kind of wanted it to make people think about what they say about others.

Happy Monday, and Happy 2012! We both hope that you can make some great resolutions and be able to accomplish them.
Love, the Friendship Addicts.

Saturday Show-and-Tell

We are currently loving:

We love our girl Emma, and these pictures captures some of our favorite things: high buns, cheetah print, tights, and mixed patterns.
Found here

Found here

Our interpretation looks a little like this:


Here we are with our 2 of our best friends Jenna and Michaela at our experimental pizza party. Logan brought several crusts home from work and we invented different pizzas. We made a pb&j pizza and even one with hot dogs, ketchup, and mustard (not good).  It was a very fun afternoon.


Here is a little story to clue you into what we do for fun. We do silly things, that's what. One day a couple years back we had an early out day at our high school and decided to go to Subway for lunch with all of our friends. We loaded up in Moriah's SUV and headed on over. On the way there we made a startling discovery. A giant zucchini was in the backseat! We started joking around that we should ask if the Subway workers to put it on our sandwich. Well our friend Cameron decided to really do it. When he got to the part where you choose your vegetables he held up the 2 foot long zucchini and asked "Can you shred this on my sandwich?" The guy replied ".....We don't really do that." That wasn't the end for us. We noticed all of these college students walking to and from class outside of Subway and decided to play a little game with them. We would follow them and say "Um...I think you dropped this" and then hold out the zucchini. Usually they would reply "Uh that's not mine." To which we would respond "I just saw this fall out of your backpack." Then they would walk away. We chased down student after student and each time they looked very confused and very awkward. It was a blast. The next year, Michaela went with us and happened to have a Ziploc bag full of burnt hot dogs with her (They were for lunch apparently. Yes, my sister is weird ha.) and so we played the game once again. The results were even better. So whenever you are bored play the "You dropped this!" game. It is guaranteed laughter.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Guestpost

In order to get new perspectives and hear new voices, we are going to invite friends, neighbors, and relatives to write about what is one their mind on Wednesdays.

Today we get to hear from Logan's sister Paige:

How we use music to express how we feel.

                When my girls JV basketball team is trying to get ready for a game, we will blast music in the locker room to get our minds off of other things and start focusing on the game. The music we listen to? Rap. Specifically Eminem. Why? I think it may be the fast paced speed of the songs that gets us ready, since only half of the time do we actually understand what Mr. Mathers is saying.  High school is fun for so many different reasons, but one that sticks out is dating and crushes. It’s so fun to pass my crush in the hall and have him smile at me. Or when I am in the same class as him and I secretly just stare at him from across the room. I SWEAR there is a song for every boy I like, specifically a Taylor Swift one at that. You may talk all the time and think you have something going, and then one day he asks your opinion on this girl he thinks he likes. ‘Tear drops on my guitar’ would be the one for you, because you are just so frustrated at him and her that you just want to cry. There is a song for all of our different emotions. We listen to music for everything: when we are sad, when we celebrate, when we are confused. Music has formed the way we do things. There is music for every emotion we have.


Thanks so much Paige for helping us out. We both totally agree. there are songs that make us think of certain people and songs for certain moods.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Awkward Animal Friendships

Logan has a strange obsession with awkward animal pictures, and luckily for us Google is chalk full of them. Check 'em out:

 Logan is the dove and I am the monkey. For obvious reasons. Ha kidding, that makes no sense.

                           "Shelter From the Storm"

                     Everyone should get a pig as a gift.

                       Someone is getting a lice check.

    This monkey is secretly a rat. I know it. Logan is the cheetah unfortunetly.

   My personal favorite. I mean look at that extreme baby dog. Love it.
Since we're on the topic of awkward, we can't help but share this extremely creepy pic we found tonight. Enjoy:)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Music Monday

Here are the tunes we are diggin' on this week:

"Hello I'm in Delaware" by City and Colour. A shoutout goes to Moriah's roommate Paige who told her about this awesome band.

"Sodom, South Georgia" by Iron and Wine. Logan became obsessed with these guys when our friend Cole introduced them to her.


The Start of Something New

Well hello there people of the world wide web. We (Logan and Moriah) have officially decided that we want to share all of the lovely things we love (ha) in the form of a blog. We would also like to document how we make our friendship work with so much distance in between us. We can't promise high quality images all the time (Moriah is a big fan of her point and shoot), but we can promise a chuckle or smile every now and again. The truth is-and we don't mean to sound cocky-we think we are hilarious. We crack each other up to no end with our crazy vocabularies and nonstop puns. We both love fashion and know what is in style, but we don't usually wear what is in fashion, only occasionally. We have extensive thrifted and vintage wardrobes and quite like to dress like grandmas with a hint of Alexa Chung and Erin Wasson. We also love the outdoors. We love floating in ditches to pass the time, stargazing, riding Logan's tandem around the country area where we're from, plants, the ocean, canoeing, flat hikes, climbing trees, and hopping fences. Logan loves gold and Moriah loves silver. Yes, we're opposite in a lot of things. That's what makes us a good team, because we make up for each other's weaknesses. We also have an obsessions with skirts, new music, traveling, quotes, and Taylor Swift. Don't be surprised if we reference her lyrics. We are best friends with Logan's sister Paige, Moriah's sister Michaela, and our neighbor Jenna so you will be hearing about them. We hope you are as excited as we are to partake in this this addiction of friendship.

Right before our first blog post:)