Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Guestpost-Mary

Mary is a cool cat friend of Moriah's sister and a jazzy redhead.

It all began 14 years ago. I was 3, and my mom was a schoolteacher. She found many of her students that fall reading a specific book by a British author. She decided to see what was getting her students to read (one of the things she’s always trying to do, even today). So she picked up a copy and changed my life forever.

The first book of Harry Potter came out in the U.S. in 1998. My mother found it a great story, and wanted to share it with my father and myself. So she got the audio tapes and we listened to it on car trips. So began my love affair with Harry Potter. At first I was resistant, I was a stubborn child, I admit. I didn’t like anything that wasn’t Playhouse Disney. But then I started listening, REALLY listening, and soon, Jim Dale and J.K. Rowling had me under a spell.

I waited with high anticipation for every book as they each came out. I remember getting ready for dinner and asking my mother, “Is Harry coming for dinner tonight?” Our code for, “Are we going to listen to the audiotapes during dinner?” I was in love with Harry; I admit it, and I still am. Then the movies started coming out, and I saw my obsession come to life. My friends and I would make up imaginary “fanfic” games about life at Hogwarts all the time.

Finally, book seven, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out. I was scared, for as soon as we finished this book, it would be all over. Sure, there were two or three movies still to come, but we would know what was coming. The anticipation, the anxiousness, the epic life story of my childhood fangirl love would all come to a close. It felt like my childhood was dying.

The last book was the best, if you ask me. It left me with tears and the satisfaction that “All was well.” It was exactly how I wanted it to end. Even now, my heart seems full and emotional; pitter-pattering with the pleasure that it still gives me.

I can’t imagine life without Harry. Even now, after 7 books and 8 movies, Harry Potter has meant more to me than any other books series ever. Even though the series is completed, I will not stop loving Harry. He will be a part of my life and my family’s life forever. Harry Potter has been my dream world, my fantasy, my everything. The past 14 years have made my imagination soar, my dreams reach the stars, and my heart find a home. I know that the sentiment is true, “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” Such has been the story of a true Potterhead.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drama Girl

Michaela is my go to girl for dramatic pics, she just knows how to work it. So here are the water works :)

 Dilated eyes mean that you are seeing something that you are attracted to.........uh oh.
So if you are across the altar with the man or woman that you love and their eyes are not dilated, you get yourself out of there, because they are not even attracted to you. Or they have terrible cataracts that really need to be taken care of.

 I didn't like this one (above) originally, but it has grown on me a lot, and it is now my favorite out of the bunch I think.
Congrats on having a great face Michaela, I know that I (Logan) appreciate it! Just remember that.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday

Logan's Pick:

Ever so lovely.

Moriah's Pick:

I definitely have a voice crush on Ben Rector and this cover is obsessive-worthy.

Monday = Funday. Ha we wish.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Show-and-Tell

Fashion Week is going on right now and so all of the designers are showing the world what they've got. Fall 2012 shows are happening right now and a designer that I had never noticed really has been a standout in his Spring and Fall 2012 collections. His name is Prabal Gurung.
Check it out.


Silly Showdown:
This blew our minds.
We're gonna do it.

We would rather not say which category we fall into here.


“God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as he always has. But he can't if you don't pray, and he can't if you don't dream. In short, he can't if you don't believe.” ― Jeffrey R. Holland    
Love it!


 Logan proposed to me (Moriah) at Taco Bell with a hot sauce packet that said "Will you marry me?"
She got rejected.


The pressure is on to tell a good story...and not much is coming. Last summer we were at Logan's house and decided to do a cooking experiment for lunch. We found some shrimp in the fridge (classy) and wanted to make tacos so we cooked the shrimp in butter and lemon pepper and found some lettuce and cheese and whatnot for toppings. We then made lemonade by hand with lemon juice and sugar (Logan's dad has the best recipe) and ate lunch on a picnic table on the porch. It was a perfect summer day-not too hot, and with slight breeze. I'm not sure why that day stands out, but it must have been the good food and good company. Go cook something new!

Carpe Diem!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Extreme Shoes

Podiatrists worst nightmare.
Extreme ballerina time.
Um, creepy bladder/tumor foot? So not a shoe to wear on your first date. Automatic last date.
Parisian goddess in a bath of doilies.
Mouse around.
Nobody is going to rain on her parade.

Thanksgiving anyone?

There will definitely be more where these babies came from in future posts, but if you just can't wait, just go to the website on the bottom of every pic :) Happy days are here again.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Guest Blogger- Dax

Using Hard Work to Accomplish Your Dreams

I love how Logan and Moriah love to dream. Dreaming is just so cool. Realizing one’s dream is like putting on chapstick for the first time—it’s probably the best thing that’s ever happened to that person. Ok, maybe not like the chapstick but that moment is definitely a memorable one right? Also memorable is the path one had to hike to get there. In the words of Miley Cyrus, "It's the climb." I came across a quote that summarized this idea quite nicely by Colin Powell, former Secretary of State: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Yep, hard work! No Wizards of Waverly Place here. I recently committed myself to soccer training 3 times a week at 6 in the morning. Frankly, it sucks but I still get up and go because I know it will pay off (who doesn't want a good looking body???) One of the things that drives me crazy these days is the unwillingness to work that a lot of people possess. I feel it's a huge problem in America and even in our own school.
So where did the determination go? Don't we want to be good at anything? Don't we want to survive? If we had to work as hard as people did thousands of years ago to survive, half the population would be dead (that must be why overpopulation was no big deal back then haha). Can you imagine if the world today worked as hard as those of olden times? Better yet, can I imagine myself if I worked as hard as they did? Wow. Things would be a whole lot different.
I love the people that say they would love to be really good at something, then they go home and play video games constantly. What good does that do? C'mon! It's all bark and no bite. I also get a kick out of those commercials that say, “Take one simple pill and you’ll start losing weight instantly!” or “Get the toned abs you’ve always wanted by drinking green tea!” Ha! I think that’s absolutely ridiculous (wink, wink! A shoutout to my fellow photographers haha)—you don’t get abs by drinking green tea. (Sidenote: I don’t want to bang on any company that makes such items because such items could in fact be their own dream that they worked hard to make happen, I just don’t believe that they work. Obviously they had the drive to make it reality so kudos to them! End sidenote.) I had an experience years ago when some guy held up a candy bar and said, “Who wants this candy bar?” Everyone's reaction was to jump up and down and scream "me!" After about 5 seconds, a smart guy nonchalantly walked up and simply took it. Brilliant isn’t it? The point is, if you want something you gotta go get it.
It takes effort to do most anything in life and I think it’s time we get off our glutei and get moving. If you have a dream or passion it’s time to go chase it! If you haven’t discovered your passion, put in the time and effort to find it. Lets go find that driving force in our life. Let’s be fully committed to what we believe in and be willing to work hard in whatever we do!

Thanks Dax, we all need to remember that hard work can get us wherever we want to be, and is absolutely necessary to fulfill our dreams.

Have a great Wednesday, it's been real.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday

Moriah's Pick:

I've been in a Temper Trap lately. This song and "Sweet Disposition" would definitely be in cool shots in the movie of my life.

Logan's Pick:
Tell us you don't love it!

I went to the dollar store to pick up my hair/
Nail Party before the Valentine's dance!
Made going to beach even better.
Rainbow dyed dress (secretly a rad slip) always brings smiles:)
Beautiful girls about to dance the night away.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

If We Were President

If we were President(s) some pretty cool changes would be happening in the U.S. of A.
For example:
  1. Smoking would be banned. Let's clean up our cities and our lungs. The smokers out there might object but really we are helping them out. However, those water vapor cigarettes like we saw in "The Tourist" might be allowed.
  2. There would be an underground tunnel from the White House to the nearest Taco Time for late night veggie burrito, stuffed Mexi-fries, and Chaco Taco runs.
  3. Television would only be able to be watched 5 hours a day. Let's get outside or read a book! Seriously though, you could watch The Office, Seinfeld, Parks and Rec, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars all in one day. That is plenty. (Moriah that is still an extreme amount!! baha, addict :) (Logan it is the American people who are the addicts. I don't want a protest ha.)
  4. Tax cuts would be offered to people who adopt animals from shelters.
  5. Maybe see if there was some way to lower gas prices, or really push carpooling and using less gas. It is scary how dependent we are on foreign oil. We would also try and fund research for alternative fuels.
  6. Plant more trees
  7. Have a bowl of Andes mints on the desk of the Oval Office
  8. Watch that movie "My Date With the President's Daughter". Remember that?!
  9.  We would push people down long hallways on office chairs. Everyone needs that.
  10. We would make EVERYONE re-set their prices lower so that everything was cheaper and we could talk to our parents about how great it is to have five cent candy bars and fifty cent gas :)
  11.  Shave our heads. <----No way Logan, not as President! Later on. Ha.
  12.  Start a jungle somewhere in the US <-----Good one Logan.
  13.  Paint the White House Gold and Silver :)
  14.   Have flamingos roaming the lawns
  15.  Have a fundraiser once a month for different causes.
  16.  Buy the staff TOMS with the American flag on them.
  17.  Drop the limos. Use something more environmentally friendly.<-----like riding horses Moriah, we should all go back to our roots :)
  18.  Invite Taylor Swift to come bowling at White House with us.
  19.  Educate youngsters on the effects of cyber bullying. Don't have courage because you aren't talking to someone face-to-face.
  20.  Ski down main street USA. :)
  21. Have a meeting while skydiving from air force one
    22. Make trash cans that make sound when you throw things away, so that everyone will love to dispose of their trash.

    23. Burn all tube tops-they are too dangerous to wear on water slides anyways.
     Not very flattering either ha.
    24. A black out day once a month, where there is no school or work or anything that requires electricity, so that our national power bills will plummet. (Good one Logan)
     Definitely  not what I was thinking of, ha :)
    Hard core dedication
     Weird. Why is this horse a hovercraft?
     No way.
     Chaco taco :)<---Logan baha that is a rough picture. It does not even look like one.

    Hope you enjoy our great ideas. If we were the Presidents, then it would be a very chill but hard working country full of dreamers who LIVE their dreams :) Maybe you'll see us on the campaign trail someday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

World Peace Photo Shoot

From Logan: So here is the second and last photo shoot with cutie pie Mallory. I really like the feeling of this photo shoot, I wanted it to be like you are just chilling in your room dreaming about world travel (I probably did this because it is exactly what i do every single night!!) with maps, a globe and your hair all messy while you are lounging in a great patterned chair. Just a homey feeling :) Enjoy.

 Miss America answer:) But very true.

From Moriah: Mallory is my adorable sister who I love so much! I called her on Valentine's Day and we chatted about all things Pretty Little Liars and Junior High. Sometimes people say we look alike but she is definitely more dramatic than me ha. Logan did a great job on these!

P.s Sorry about no Wednesday post. Logan and I haven't talked for awhile and I'm assuming it is because her phone was taken away (See Tuesday's post). Hopefully the lines of communication will open soon!